is self care selfish

Is Self-Care Selfish?

Is self-care selfish? There is actually a fine line between self care and selfishness, but one should never feel guilty for taking time to do some self care, as it makes you more equipped to care for those around you.

Is Self-Care Selfish?

is self care selfishThere is a form of stigma dominating self-care and it has affected perceptions of people to the extent that even when at their worst health they are unable or unwilling to put their interests first. 

People are in constant fear that their self-supporting endeavors could be misinterpreted as being their only priority. This kind of tension creates the need to draw a definitive line between the institution of self-care and the element of being self-absorbed.

It is always an opportune time to emphasize our optimal state of being in regards to physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

People who tend to the well-being of others have to be at their best and it takes their best effort to do so. With a clear objective, there is no need to attach guilt to efforts aimed at self-preservation.

Drawing A Definitive Line That Defines Your Best Interests As A Person

It all boils down to the number of resources at your disposal to be sufficiently there for people that need your intervention without hurting yourself in the long run. 

The important thing to understand is that people owe their first responsibility to themselves and if they can adequately take care of this they have the discretion to do the same for others.

Many people will be too forward in pointing a finger at those taking adequate care of themselves without understanding the need for self-care for the greater benefit of everyone. 

Such sentiments can be motivated by all kinds of justifiable reasons most of which are selfish in nature. Having designated time to yourself invigorates you and sustains your own good health or someone else would have to take care of you.

As one gets older, the scale of responsibility subjected to them increases exponentially but what people do not consider is that past a certain age an individual’s health stops getting better with time. This is when self-care is needed the most and no justification should be given for someone looking for their own health. 

Benefits Of Self-Support

The important thing to look out for is getting the fear of selfishness not to determine how you treat or think of yourself. Fear is very potent in modifying our behavioral response. It has negative energy to it that puts you to shame in certain social circles and in the long term dominates your moods in a negative way turning you into a resentful person.

The good thing about being benevolent is if it resonates from your heart. This way you establish a personal connection with the person you are giving to. When an individual gives from a position of fear of getting judged they do so in a manner that does not encourage continuity or development of relationships. There is no essence in giving if it is not in congruence with your free will.

According to Jim Rohn, a successful American entrepreneur with a rich background in self-preservation and benevolence, the most impactful gift you can present to any given individual is techniques for personal development. 

Such skills cannot be taught by individuals who have not developed themselves first. The main sentiment shared by this statement is that it will be easier for me to look out for your needs if you already do so for yourself as it would be convenient for you if I practiced self-care.

Selfishness does not allow one to sustain an active social life as selfish people always feel at a loss from interacting with other people. 

Selfishness leads to social alienation which in the long run affects the person’s emotional and mental wellbeing. Self-care, on the other hand, leads to wholesome health which lets you be a solution to people’s problems whenever they arise.

So is self-care selfish ….. no!



  1. Yes, I think self-care is not selfish. Because self-care is important for everyone. Self-support is the most important thing in today’s society because the world is in a state of the epidemic today and we must help each other. I personally like to help everyone. Because it can keep everyone happy like me. Thank you so much for this post.

  2. Hi Michel, Thanks for your post on self-care. I think if we block out times in out lives for ourselves and for others, it gives a well rounded way of life. We need time to refresh our own bodies and minds so we are of use to be a help to others.

    1. You are quite right Carolyn. If you don’t look after yourself, how can you be of use to others, especially if you are feeling drained and tired all the time?

  3. Self-care is definitely selfish and so it should be.  My daughter, not long ago, gave birth and has not had a good night’s sleep since and was reduced to tears under the stress. She spent a night in a hotel where she got a good night’s sleep and came back with a smile on her face but also said she felt very guilty.  Being selfish and looking after yourself, gives you the strength and power to help others. 

    1. That just proves the point. You need to care for yourself so that you can properly care for those you need to.  Thanks for stopping by Jamila.

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