losing weight after 50

Losing Weight After 50

As you age, you may have noticed that when trying to lose weight, it doesn’t just fall off like it did when you were 20. Losing weight after 50 is even more of a challenge as you may already have noticed. Although it is difficult to lose weight after 50, it is not impossible, and here are some tips and suggestions to help you to lose weight after 50.

Losing Weight After 50

losing weight after 50

Let’s Look At What We Eat

Dieting is not always easy. In fact, it can prove a tough challenge for many people. So here ís a little guide to avoiding things that could make you lose control and start eating. Avoid them like plague if you wish to succeed.

Don’t rush into the toughest diet you can find…..

This is a common mistake, especially when you are feeling desparate. Many people decide in a moment of desperation to follow a super-strict diet and fail. Don’t rush into a diet that may be too strict for you. If you don’t have any dieting experience and are not 100 percent sure you can stick with the diet, then choose something else.

Don’t lose touch with reality…..

You can’t realistically expect things to happen over night, especially when trying your luck at losing weight after 50. When choosing your goal, start small, but be prepared to go lone distance. If you hear someone saying that he lost a large number of pounds in a short time, don’t make it your goal to match his performance. Diet results are different from one person to another.

Don’t go to the gym too often…..

Another common mistake is to use the enthusiasm of the first days to hit the gym every day. This won’t help you at all. Your body needs time to heal and expand the muscle mass after each training session and going to the gym every day interferes with this natural process.

Besides, a week of non-stop training could never offset ten or twenty years of couch potato lifestyle.

Don’t get hard on calories…..

We all know that cutting down on calories is one of the building blocks of all diets, but you have to be careful about it. Cut down on too many calories and your body will go into starvation mode and start storing anything it possibly can. This is not a good way to lose weight.

Don’t skip meals…..

Some people think that skipping one or two meals could help them lose weight faster. They donít understand that dieting is all about eating the right food and not starving yourself.

Don’t check the bathroom scales everyday…..losing weight after 50

Everybody is eager to see the confirmation of his or her efforts in the shape of lost pounds, but you should not let this drive you to checking your weight everyday. The daily fluctuations of your weight will soon have you depressed and ready to quit dieting. And this is something you want to avoid.

Also remember that if you are exercising that muscle weighs more than fat, so you may find your clothes feel loser, but the scale says otherwise.

Don’t let emotions drive you….

Aside from the eagerness that drives people to check their weight every day, there are other emotions that influence dieting.

If you know you’re used to reaching out for ice-cream or snacks when you are bored, frustrated or angry, then you should deal with these issues and not allow them to come between you and your purpose.

Don’t refuse to seek help…..

Not everyone was born with iron will and nerves of steel. If you need advice or help, donít hesitate to ask it from your friends or from professionals. Don’t try to solve all problems by yourself. Also letting people know that you are watching your weight will stop them from offering you things you shouldn’t be eating. It also makes you accountable to yourself.

Don’t deny yourself your favourite foods…..

Treats are a great way of raising your willpower and determination. Diets are just food control methods, not prisons. So what if you eat something forbidden once in a while, especially if that food is a favourite of yours? If such treats are not frequent, then they will make no difference in the long run. A little reward now and then is ok.

Don’t rely on your willpower alone…..

If you wish to know how much you eat, then write everything down and analyze the list for things that should not be there. Sometimes you don’t realise how many things you are eating that are sabotaging your weight loss goals until you have it written down.

Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight After 50?

You may be wondering why turning 50 is so hard on your body. And honestly, a lot of it has to do with your lifestyle slowing down. Chances are you are no longer as active as you were before, spending more time sedentary than in your previous decades. And according to Healthline, 50 is also when you experience metabolic changes that also contribute to having less energy and thus you are prone to more weight gain.

Your social life is also probably slowing down at this time as well. If you have kids, they no longer need the constant chasing they needed when they were young, and your friends are probably no longer inviting you for jogs in the park. You are also more comfortable and established at your job, no longer working a side hustle to make ends meet. All of this adds up to a life that is generally much less active overall.

How Do You Remedy This?

Although you are probably receiving fewer invitations to do active things with friends, this doesn’t mean that you can’t invite them to do something active with you! Next time you find yourself with a free afternoon, invite a friend for a walk around the park. This way you will be doing something active that is good for your body while also being social.

And if you haven’t already, it’s probably time to switch out your diet for something a little bit healthier. Back in the day, it was easy to work off any excess calories you may have consumed. But now it takes more exercise than ever to burn off extra calories, so it’s better to just stick to a healthy diet. If your life is especially sedentary, it may be time to cut back on your portion sizes as well.

Shift From Cardio To Strength Training

Besides just eating right and trying to stay active, as you grow older it’s also critical that you swap your exercises from cardio based to more strength training. This is because your muscles and bones are more likely to be injured now than ever before, and with proper strength training you can prepare your body properly for exercise and mitigate injuries.

This doesn’t mean you have to stop all cardio however, and if you are an avid athlete like a runner or biker—keep on doing what you are doing! But be aware that you need to schedule ample time for strength training in order to retain your muscle strength, as this decreases after 50 even with a cardio routine.

In one article on Healthline, it is mentioned that strength training also helps to boost your metabolism, which will help you to have more energy and burn more calories. And when you have more energy for your workout, this will keep you on track for your weight loss goals. Just make sure you develop a regular workout routine and stick to it.

Losing weight after 50 can be a challenge. This is because once you hit the milestone birthday, your metabolism starts to slow and your life becomes more sedentary. Combat this by keeping yourself social, eating a healthy diet, and active, while shifting your focus towards strength training. This way you will be able to work out in a way that is beneficial for your body and lose weight as you enter a new phase of your life.

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