how to make your hair look good

How To Make Your Hair Look Good, No Matter How Old You Are

Most of us have lived through both good and bad cuts, strange hair experiments, and products all in the quest for perfect hair. Let’s look at how to make your hair look good and also how to update your hair do if you are older.

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How To Make Your Hair Look Good No Matter Your Age

how to make your hair look good

Finding A New Look

It is common to feel rather anxious when you are on the verge of changing your hairstyle. You’ve got a good reason as most women go into the salon as one person and come out looking like someone else altogether. It can be a good experience, but it can also be a total disaster, so let’s look at ways to tilt the odds in your favor.

The Cut – Some Tips

Never let the popular styles of the moment dictate your choice of style. Rather go with what works for you and your hair type. This can make a big difference in how to make your hair look good or simply bad.

Remember that your hair is part of your whole look, so selecting a style that suits only your face can be a mistake. Not only should you consider the shape of your face, but also your height, weight, your lifestyle, and how good you are at styling your own hair. The key to a great look is homing in on the styles that best suit the total you. As with clothing, the right hairstyle can make you appear slimmer, more proportional, or even curvier.

If you are a triangle, you have narrow shoulders and are wide at the hips. Avoid short hair which will make the shoulders appear even smaller or styles that puff out more than halfway to your shoulders. Try a shoulder-length style, which will make your shoulders appear wider.

If you are an inverted triangle, your shoulders are broader, so avoid angle-cut, wedge-shaped bobs. Instead, opt for a round cut that comes in toward the face.

You’re a rectangle if your shoulders, hips, and waist are nearly the same width, so in this case, choose shorter styles that fall above the collar line to break up the line of the body.

You’re an hourglass if your shoulder and hips measure the same width and you have a small waist, any hairstyle is fine.

You’re a diamond if you have thin arms and legs and carry your weight in your abdomen. Avoid hairstyles with lots of volume at the shoulders and long straight hairstyles that stop at your waist creating a horizontal line at your waist. Instead, choose a round cut in the front that squares off in the back.

You’re a circle if you carry your weight all over your body. Avoid a really short cut, which will make you look larger. Opt for a layered flowing style.

If your cheeks are round, wear your hair about an inch below your chin line. If you have a double chin, don’t pull your hair back or wear it bobbed at chin length because this will emphasize your chin and neck. Instead choose a cut that brings your hair in, cupping around the chin and neck.

Perk Up Your Style

If your hair isn’t as thick, shiny, and bouncy as it was in college, try these tricks of the trade.

Lighten Up, But Keep It Subtle

The biggest mistake women make is trying to dye their hair the color it was then. It is nearly impossible to mimic the original color, especially for dark hair, so your best bet is to go a few shades lighter.

Choose a color that enhances those secondary tones in your eyes.


Tone-on-tone highlights around your face will soften your appearance.

A few highlights in your temple area will really make you look younger.

how to make your hair look goodLayers

Cut some light wispy gangs and some longer layers around your face. Even if your hair is one length, layers add softness. If your hair is thinning layers will make it appear fuller.

Stay Off Centre

Always part your hair on the side. Centr parts divide your face and can make you look older.


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Use Supplements

For hair that has seen better days, is falling out or looking dull thank goodness for supplements, which can restore the hair beautifully.

Here are a few you can try, depending on your hair problem.

So how to make your hair look good simply boils down to having a great cut and style to suit your face and looking after it. If you find it needs extra help like it is falling out or looking dry or lifeless, give it an extra boost by using a hair mask or taking some supplements.

Please comment below if you have anything else to add.


  1. Thanks for this excellent advice.

    It is very important that you pick styles that actually fit with you and your lifestyle, so advising not to get cuts simply because they are in fashion is solid.

    But the great thing about hair is that it grows back.  So if you really want to try a style then go for it.  Your good friends will soon let you know if it is a good move or not.  And as I said it will grow!!  Then you can look back and laugh and wonder what on earth you were thinking lol.

    1. Too true Geoff. I am so thankful hair does grow back, or I would have been too scared to try the many different styles that I have during my life. Some worked and some were disastrous.

  2. This is a very interesting and enlightening article. I have never really considered my shoulders when deciding on a hairstyle. I guess I will have to re-read this a few times before I go for a hairdo. 

    But I also know the pain of doing a trendy hairstyle only to find that it totally does not suit you the same way as to where you saw it. So it is very important to consider your shape and even your personality. Thank you for the reminder.

  3. Thanks for this post. I have actually discovered everything you say to be true by a process of trial and error over many years. It’s great that you have set it out so clearly. It’s also good to remind myself of how I look best so that I’m not tempted to go off trying things that that don’t work.   I have spent the last year transitioning to my natural silver hair colour which takes a bit of getting used to. Do you have any recommendations for maintaining a nice silver without it going purple? I only use silver shampoos etc every second or third wash 🙂

    1. Hi Deb,

      I know the hair salons sell products that enhance the silver in one’s hair, so I think it’s best if you ask your hairdresser, as they will know what will work best with your hair type.

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