is exercise the fountain of youth

Is Exercise The Fountain Of Youth Or Is It A Myth?

Everyone I know wants to look and feel young. And not only that, they want to feel like this all the time. So is exercise the way to go? Is exercise the fountain of youth that everyone seems to be chasing?

The answer here is a resounding yes!!!

Exercise has so many benefits attached to it that it can completely change a persons life, as long as they embrace the act of exercising. It’s not always easy, as sitting in front of the TV is much more tempting, but the trick is to find something that you enjoy, and then you will start looking forward to doing your exercise.

Our bodies were not made to be sedentary. Getting off of your butt being active is essential to good health, overall well-being, and successful aging. is exercise the fountain of youth

The Benefits Of Exercising

There are many benefits of exercising, and after reading this article you will be able to decide for yourself is exercise the fountain of youth.

Here are just some of the benefits of exercising regularly:

  • Stress Relief
  • Healthy heart, mind, and body
  • Increased energy levels
  • Appearance is improved
  • Wards off lots of diseases
  • Keeps your joints lubricated
  • Keeps your muscles strong and working well into your old age
  • Boosts your mood

Exercise boosts your body’s fitness and also your mood, both of which add to your overall health and well-being.

Because exercise increases our energy levels, we will be able to work and play for longer, and this improves every aspect of our lives.

Exercise makes us feel strong and able, both physically and mentally, as exercise is a challenge (well for most of us anyway). Even though it gets harder to motivate yourself to exercise as you get older, you really need exercise to improve the way you think, feel and age.

Healthy Heart, Mind, and Body

It is recommended that we get a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise at least five days of the week. Cardiovascular healthy is really important if you want to live a long and healthy life.

is exercise the fountain of youthOur hearts are a vital, often overlooked muscle and organ that must be paid attention to, before it’s too late.

If you are wondering how exercise affects the mind, the answer is simple. When we are active, our bodies release endorphins. These are hormones that are secreted in the brain and nervous system that have physiological effects.

When these endorphins are released, we will experience a euphoric feeling of well being. Thus, exercise has been proven to relieve anxiety and depression, which is a great benefit.

Also, as little as 30 minutes of cardio three to five times a week can increase your life span up to six years. Not only that, but you will have stronger lungs, lower your risk of cancer, fat loss, and lean muscle will be developed.

Stress Relief

As a lot of you probably already know, stress in your life can kill you. And because stress is so abundant these days, if we don’t take time for ourselves, we will simply wear ourselves out.

Although exercise is a great stress reliever, we will also need to make some lifestyle changes. So make sure that you manage the things that cause you stress and anxiety, and mix it up with some exercise for the best recipe for better health.

Is exercise the fountain of youth?

Of course, it is, as you will look better too, and who doesn’t want to look better? We all strive to improve our appearance, and even those of us who do not put in too much effort would not mind looking better physically.

Wouldn’t you love to have a flatter stomach, toned muscles, healthy-looking skin and the appearance of being radiantly healthy?is exercise the fountain of youth

In a 2013 issue of Journal of Health Psychology, it stated:

“6 times 40 minutes of exercise improves body image, even though body weight and shape do not change”. So, as you can see, once again the benefits to exercise are limitless.
So, pick up some weights if you want to see improvement in the mirror and in your mind!

So if you want to defy the aging process, you now know that exercise is crucial to slowing down the aging process.

Take action daily. Hop on a treadmill, join a gym, go dancing, go for a daily walk or jog. If you have a joint problem, that’s not an excuse – try elliptical training.

Anything that gets your blood flowing and your heart beating a bit faster is considered exercise.

So if you ask my opinion on is exercise the fountain of youth, you can see clearly that it is.

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