how to cure knee pain at home

How To Cure Knee Pain At Home

If you are wondering how to cure knee pain at home, keep reading, as I think I have found a great solution.

I have been a dancing teacher and dancer for much of my life and it is not surprising that my knees have started playing up. The pain started in my thirties, and over the years it has come and gone in varying degrees of severity.

My knees seem to be getting worse as I get older, and I know that it is probably just an alignment and stress thing, so I have been looking for exercises that will help me to strengthen my knees and to cure this knee pain.

I am sure that bending, stretching, and jumping all day are also not the ideal situations for any knees to be in.

how to cure knee painI did some research online and came across an amazing product by Coach Todd. It is called Feel Good Knees.

I couldn’t find any bad reviews so I purchased it for myself. I saw that there was a guarantee offered, so I could always get my money back if I didn’t feel like the product was working for me.

I think that Feel Good Knees might have been just the thing I have been looking for and after a week of doing the course on level 1, I have actually forgotten about the tooth achy pain that I normally feel on a day to day basis in my knees.

What Causes Knee Pain?

There are three main causes of knee pain:

  • Cellular Inflammation
  • Postural Misalignment
  • Cartilage Deterioration

Some of the most common symptoms of aging such as aches, pains, and fatigue are all caused by cellular inflammation. This is the most common form of knee pain in adults over the age of 45.

Postural misalignment is how you stand, walk and sit, and this causes havoc with your knees in the long term, including the deterioration of your cartilage.

Sometimes the knees just need strengthening and realignment to prevent further damage to your cartilage.

How To Cure Knee Pain At Home With Feel Good Knees

Because our knees take a lot of strain, and most of the time they are misaligned due to bad posture and also the way in which we perform movements, it is not surprising that at some stage they are going to start aching, and this is your warning call to do something to strengthen and realign them, as those knees need to last you a lifetime.

So if you have achy knees that stop you from doing the things that you love like playing squash, going to the beach for a walk or dancing, now is the time to take charge of those knees and look after them, just like you would take care of your hair or your face.

This is what Coach Todd says:

“I discovered the foundation for this unique ritual while studying at the Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences.

There my teacher, known as “The Doc”, unlocked the thousand year old mystery of how the human body can heal itself quickly and without harmful drugs… eliminating pain from the body and regaining optimal health and rejuvenation….

I shared these techniques with tens of thousands of people and saw first hand how miraculous they really were… and it all led to you reading this today…So I’m about to reveal to you the true cause of knee pain… and how you can be free from your nagging joint pain forever using a simple 5-minute ritual ANYONE can do. 

Now, you might be thinking… “why haven’t I heard of this ritual before?!” 

How Does Feel Good Knees Work?

Feel Good Knees is a program created by Todd Kuslikis below.

He has been involved in the health and fitness industry for most of his life.

He has also studied traditional Chinese medicine, herbal medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, and internal healing arts.

how to cure knee painIf you want to read how you can purchase yourself a copy of this program, click here.

I was very impressed at the value for money that I got when I purchased this program, and not only that, each day Coach Todd send valuable information to my inbox to further help my knees and other areas of my body to stay pain-free.

The program consists of 4 levels of exercises designed to strengthen the entire knee area. The program is designed to be done each day for a period of six weeks. Don’t worry, it only takes about five minutes out of your day.

All the exercises are broken down for easy understanding. There is an ebook explaining how to do each exercise, as well as follow along video’s for each level. I enjoy the videos, as I don’t have to remember what to do next.

Level 1:

Pain Eliminator Stage

This stage is done over two weeks and includes easy exercises that anyone can do, even if you are battling to walk.

These are great for getting rid of that tooth achy feel of knee pain that most of us feel around our knees at some point, and the exercises are designed to slowly start to strengthen the muscles around the knees.

I found the exercises almost too easy, but I definitely felt a difference in my knees after each session. I am looking forward to starting with Level 2 next week.

At the end of the session, there is a great knee massage which I would never have guessed would feel so good, as it involves manipulating the knee cap gently and it is quite scary to see just how much the knee cap can move when your leg is in a relaxed position.

Level 2:

Knee Rejuvenation Stage

This stage is also done over a period of two weeks. The movements here also look easy to follow and are a little more challenging than those in level 1.

Level 3:

Knee Renewal Stage

These are the most challenging exercises on the program, although to me they don’t look too difficult, I can imagine that people with chronic knee pain might find them to be a bit of a challenge.

There are two extra bonuses included in this stage which include the following:

Six 1-Minute Proprioceptive Workout Finishers

Proprioceptive exercises are exercises that assist you in retaining your position sense, also known as “joint sense.”

Each of these 1-minute finishers are like “mini-workouts” that can be implemented at the end of your normal routine, which is specifically designed to build up your proprioceptive system and position sense.

This will help you feel more balanced, remove that feeling of something being out of place during movement, and allow you to move more freely.

Postural Alignment Guide

Because the long term health of your knees depends on your whole body, many habits that we have built up to have a negative impact on our knees.

Coach Todd will take you through a rundown of how to make sure that you are perfectly aligned in situations that you find yourself in each day.

What Type Of Exercises Should You Be Doing To Strengthen Your Knees

how to get rid of knee pain

The best type of exercise to be doing for any part of your body that you are struggling with in regards to pain is Isometrics.

Isometrics are simple but effective exercises that let you increase the tension in any muscle group without actually moving your joints.

These types of exercises are ideal if you find moving your joints too painful and in this way you can still exercise the muscles and build strength without any strain.

Many studies have concluded that isometrics successfully outperformed any drugs or pills in both the pain relief department and the joint function department. You can get rid of inflammation and strengthen your joint at the same time without causing more inflammation as you would with other exercises.

With Feel Good Knees, Coach Todd provides us with a systematic ritual of specific exercises that work together to create a compound effect on the knee.

The result? Less pain, more strength, and a feeling like your knees are years younger!

Other Ways On How To Cure Knee Pain At Home

Here are two great knee exercises that you can use if you battle to stretch your knees. You do need to be able to fully extend your knees to get a full range of motion, and if your knees are often slightly bent, you will place a lot of pressure on your hips and back.

My Favourite Knee Strengthening Exercise

This is an exercise that I have been giving to my dancing pupils who experience knee soreness from time to time after dance class. It is an isolated exercise and is in no way intended to be as good as doing an entire program like the one above, but I find it has helped many of my students to strengthen their knee joints and relieve pain.

They can do this any time of the day, even while sitting at their desks at school.

Sit up straight in your chair and cross one ankle in front of the other. Now press the back ankle against the front ankle and the front ankle against the back one. Hold for ten seconds and repeat three times. Change your legs around and repeat.

I was glad to see that some of the exercises that Coach Todd supplied in his course are similar to this one, so I know I have been on the right track.

how to stop knee pain

Are There Any Cons With Feel Good Knees

Personally, I couldn’t fault the program, although I haven’t officially tried the last level yet. I think if you do purchase this program, you must commit yourself to do the exercises every day, or it won’t work for you.

I have seen so many people buy into programs, and then not use them, which is the top reason why any of these sorts of programs don’t work.

Who Should Try This Program

I would highly recommend this program to anybody who has any sort of knee pain or anybody who has weak knees that need strengthening.

If you have chronic knee pain, however, I would consult a doctor before trying any of the exercises.

To try a risk-free copy of Feel Good Knees for yourself, click here. The price as of writing this article was $37, which is not a great price to pay to get strong knees again.

If you have been on the Feel Good Knees Program and have effectively learned how to cure knee pain, I would love to hear your comment below.

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