how to find a new job

How To Find A New Job After 40

Did you know that it is totally doable if you want to find out how to find a new job, especially if you are older than 40 and want a career change?

It is never too late to change to the job of your dreams, but after many years spent following the wrong career, you may not know what that is.

Specialist career counselors charge thousands to help you find your true calling, but what if I told you that you can be your own counselor using just paper and a pencil and the same test system that the professionals use.

How To Find A New Job (Even If You Are Old!)

how to find a new job

Here is the professional’s approach to solving your job dilemma:

  • Take a sheet of paper and draw a large cross to divide it into four. Write ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ in two adjacent spaces and ‘good at’ and ‘not good at’ in the other two.
  • Now break down items that include jobs and hobbies into the four boxes.
  • Fill in the sections about yourself. Be detailed. Avoid writing that you dislike accounting if that is what you do. Rather say exactly what it is that you don’t like about accountancy. Maybe it is the long hours or your co-workers and not the accountancy aspect at all.
  • Under the ‘like’ column list the things you want more of in your life, such as time with your family or recognition for your achievements.
  • If you find filling in the ‘Good at’ section hard, cast your modesty aside. Failure to do so could lose off future possibilities. If you get stuck, list what you’re not good at and work back from that. For instance, if you are not good at teamwork, are you at your best working alone? Include your achievements, such as building teams or completing projects on time, even if they’re just your usual responsibilities. Meeting your day to day responsibilities is also an achievement.

Once you have completed the four sections, you’ll have a matrix that shows what you want out of a career and what skills you have to offer.

Now list all the practical considerations that affect your choice, such as meeting your bond repayments, supporting elderly relatives, or keeping your children at a particular school. Don’t let them put you off, as you will be able to overcome most of them.

Yes It Is Possible To Make A Complete Career Change At 40 Or Older

how to find a new jobStart matching your requirements to jobs and careers, all the time matching your skills and requirements with those of the job. Get help on the net by simply searching ‘career test free’ and you’ll find hundreds of tests that you can take.

Once you’ve found something that appeals to you it’s time to get started.

Remember that it is entirely possible to make a complete career change after 40. The key is to sell yourself the same way a company does.

4 Tips To Get The Job Of Your Dreams

1.   Don’t Rely On Ads For Jobs

In the 45 – 55 age group statistics show that six out of ten new jobs come from networking.

Only 12% come from ads.

Make contacts in your chosen field and find out about vacancies from them.

2.   Identify What Skills Are Needed For Your New Career

Write a new CV that will sell not tell. Highlight your transferable skills and achievements, rather than just listing the companies you worked for. If you need to update certain skills, there are plenty of online courses you can do now that are great to update your skills or learn a brand new one.

3.   Focus On Your Transferable Skills

For example, you could have lead a team, helped achieve practical goals that benefited your former employers.

‘I lead a team of 20 which introduced a new concept that toom my company into a new market and increased its profits by 7%.

Place this on the front of your CV like an ad.

4.   Don’t Mention Your Age On Page 1

Remember, your CV only has 20 seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention.

Don’t let them rule you out on age grounds straight away. Put your age on page two instead and use page one to make them WANT to hire you.

We all go through times in our careers where we feel jaded or dissatisfied with our job, but if the feelings don’t pass it is definitely time to find the career that suits you.

So, be honest, find out where your talents and desires lie, and make the switch. Finding a job that’s right for you will bring you great satisfaction both monetarily and intellectually.

If you, like me want something to do on the side, why not try affiliate marketing. I have been doing this for a number of years now and it is great because I can focus on what I am good at and what I love to do.

If you want to start an online business for yourself, you don’t even have to leave your current job while you are building your business up, but at least you will have the choice if you want to six months down the line.

So I hope I have inspired you to make a change if you are unhappy. How to find a new job doesn’t have to be rushed, and you can take time to pick out something that you are really going to love.

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