reasons women live longer than men

Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Have you ever wondered about the reasons why women live longer than men? Let’s take a look at this fact and see why this seems true in many cases.

reasons why women live longer than men

Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

So, why do women live longer than men? Well, according to the wise words of Assistant Professor of Obstetrics, Dr. Ruth C. Fretts, there are a whole bunch of reasons. It seems that there’s a mix of biological, behavioral, social, and psychological factors at play here.

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. One big factor is behavior. Men tend to engage in more reckless behavior or violent activities, which sadly can lead to their undoing, no matter their age. If we look at men aged 55 to 64, things like car accidents, falls, drownings, homicides, and suicides are unfortunately common causes of death, and they happen more frequently in men than women.

Another reason is good old cardiovascular disease. It seems like men are more prone to it and at an earlier age compared to women. One major risk factor for heart disease is smoking, and guess what? Men are still lighting up more than women.

From their forties onwards, men’s risk of heart disease shoots up, while a woman’s risk doesn’t start increasing until she goes through menopause. Those pesky sex hormones might be involved here. Testosterone, the male sex hormone, raises bad cholesterol levels and lowers the good ones, while estrogen, the female hormone, does the opposite. So, hormones might be playing a role in this longevity game.

Now, let’s talk chromosomes. Women have two X chromosomes, while men only have one. And this might just explain why women have the upper hand in longevity. Recent research suggests that the X chromosome may directly influence lifespan. See, one of a woman’s X chromosomes gets turned off early on in life, but the second one kicks in as she ages, compensating for any lost or damaged genes on the first one. So, from a genetic perspective, women might just start off with a healthier head start.

But fear not, my friends. Researchers are tirelessly digging into the reasons behind this longevity gap. And it’s not just to give women bragging rights; their findings will surely benefit both men and women when it comes to living longer and healthier lives. So, stay tuned!


  1. I believe that women live longer than men because women take more of an interest in their health, as far as eating, getting regular checkups, and hitting the gym. Women may seem to be less stressed and women also find a way to release tension by getting involved in some fun activity. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I know that on average women tend to live longer than men, but I wasn’t quite sure about the causes of this. The fact that men smoke more than women was a surprise to me and I really thought that women were heaving more heart issues than men and that those problems are getting neglected. That gives a lot of food for thought and I’m curious about your further investigations on this matter 🙂

    1. Hi Lizzy,

      I always thought women lived longer than men because they generally take better care of themselves, but I definitely learned something new when researching a little deeper.

  3. Hey there! Looking younger for longer is something many of us are interested in. One great tip I’ve found is to incorporate antioxidant-rich foods into my diet, like berries and leafy greens. These foods can help fight free radicals and promote skin health.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that taking care of my mental well-being plays a big role in looking and feeling younger. Engaging in activities that bring me joy and managing stress levels can make a noticeable difference in my overall appearance.

    I’m curious, have you tried any specific beauty or wellness practices that have helped you look younger? It’s always great to hear different perspectives and discover new tips. Let’s share our secrets to staying youthful and embrace the journey together!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Israel. I do try to look after my skin and never venture outside without sunblock, but other than that I just try to live and enjoy life and everything in moderation.

      I also try to eat more raw food. I think the most important factor in staying disease free is eating well.

  4. I agree that early health challenges account for why most women outlive men. In Africa, where I come from there is a drastic increase in men’s death rate as a result of prostate. But much more is our lifestyle. We worry about everybody and everything. That is one of the reasons why we are much more prone to the silent killer – heart attack.

    1. That could also be very true Parameter. A lot of worry can create stress, which they say is the silent killer.

  5. Contrary to the general perception that male is more robust than female may be due to their masculine look, male turns out to be weaker you consider the life span.

    While the hormone testone is the game changer for males to look bigger, muscular, and physically stronger, they are biologically weaker regarding health considerations.

    The reasons are smoking, substance abuse, heavy drinking, employment in hazardous occupations, risk-taking in recreational activities, and driving. Those are the causes of males’ higher death rates due to lung cancer, poor heart health, accidents, suicide, and homicide.

    Mental retardation is more common in males than females in the population. That is assumed to be due to mutations on the x chromosomes reported in an expert research article from NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).

    1. Wow, Anusuya, I didn’t know that mental retardation is more common in males than females.  You have certainly taught me something new today. 

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