how to sneak exercise into your day

How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

As we get older, it is so easy to get more sedentary, as it gets harder to exercise, so here is how to sneak exercise into your day. Here are some ways that you can keep yourself mobile and moving, without realising that you are actually exercising.

How To Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

As you already know, diet and exercise are important partners in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight as well as living a healthy life. But how much exercise do you need, and how intense does it have to be?

While resources like gyms are great for slimming down and bulking up, they are also expensive and require time and a solid commitment of time. For a lot of us, time is precious, so we often forego the gym in favour of something else that crops up.

However, your body doesn’t only burn calories and build muscle while you’re at the gym. how to sneak exercise into your day

Below are some suggestions on how you can build activity into your day so that you can burn fat and build muscle even when you can’t make it to the gym.

Walking For Convenience

The ancient philosopher Hypocrites wrote that walking is the best medicine. The air was cleaner then, but getting out and about (or at least about) is still a great way to get rid of some extra calories.

Consider setting a minimum radius by block for how far something needs to be for you to start the car. If itís within, say, five blocks or so, just walk. Blocks are a big unit of measurement, but if you do go to the store, consider parking further from the entrance. Every little bit makes a difference, after all

Walking during breaks at work can burn some calories, even if it’s just around the office. It can also be a great way to help your circulation and give your eyes a rest if you have a desk job.

Walking For Pleasure

Walking doesn’t only have to be something that you do when you need something. Consider taking a few minutes at the beginning or end of your day to take a walk outside. It can be a great way to reset to either prepare you for the day ahead or wind down from a busy day.

Too many resources recommend getting a dog to encourage weight loss. It’s true that having a dog to walk can be great motivation but dogs also mean a huge commitment of time and energy. If getting a dog isn’t in the books right now, consider visiting the nearest animal shelter.

Many of these facilities will be more than happy to let you walk one of the dogs waiting to be adopted. As most of these facilities are under-funded, volunteers like you may be the only chance that the animals get to have their exercise too.

Cycling, When It’s Not Too Far

Getting a bicycle can be a great way to get around your neighbourhood, especially if you don’t need to carry anything back.

how to sneak exercise into your dayIn cities, bikes can be even faster than cars when you look at the traffic situation. The’re also cheaper to run.

Different cities and towns have different rules on where you can ride a bike, however, so be sure to do some research before you take to the streets, bike-lanes or sidewalks.

They can also be a great all-terrain vehicle if you find one with different gears. This is handy for rural towns that may have a paved down-town with some more difficult streets and back-roads.

In cities, bikes without gears are often just as good. If you suffer from back problems, look at getting a recumbent bike, as they are so comfortable.

Bikes can be fairly expensive when new, so if you’re low on funds, consider checking some second-hand stores, yard sales, and the local newspaper for used bikes. Keep in mind too that they can help to save on gas and parking fees, so a well-used bike can pay itself off pretty quickly.

Keep Your Body Parts Moving

Even as you sit at your desk, you could be doing toe taps or leg lifts. You could practise standing up halfway and sitting down on your chair a few times.

Circling your ankles and squeezing your gluts are also forms of exercise, even if you are sitting.

Some shoulder rolls and head rolls are never a bad thing to relieve stress while sitting at work.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to come up with a few ways on how to sneak exercise into your day. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also take some time out for exercising, especially exercises that build muscle.

Losing weight might be your key priority right now, and that ís fine, but there are also benefits to having more lean muscle, especially as you get older.


  1. Aww so easy to sneak in some excercise yet most including myself do not do it. I agree a walk does tend to unwind you from your day. It can also be rather enjoyable first thing in the morning too. It clears the mind and gets the blood pumping for the day ahead.

    1. Walking is one of my favorite forms of exercise. The trick I think is to choose something that you enjoy doing. Then it won’t seem like exercise.

  2. Hey there! I hope you’re doing good. Firstly, I really enjoyed reading this blog on exercise as it contains lots of valuable information. The word “Exercise” caught my eye because I consider myself a fitness freak. I play tennis, I swim and I do strength training in the gym. 

    My most favorite exercise is definitely cycling. Before my strength training session, I usually do 5K for warm-up on cycling machine. I highly recommend that people read this blog because exercise is definitely a must for everyone.

    Michel, thanks a lot in taking your precious time to create such a wonderful post. Well done!

  3. It is a great list of physical activities. In fact, I’ve run almost all of this list more or less. 

    Five years back, I bought a house in the countryside. I’m not agricultural, but rural jobs are enough. Only in winter without snow cleaning is there not a particularly large list of physical activities.

     Fortunately, in the neighboring village, badminton lessons are taking place for any age twice a week. Two hours of badminton a few times a week, it’s a perfect exercise for the whole body. I suggest!

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