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How To Stop Aging Now – 40 Valuable Tips

If you want to know how to stop aging now, here are 40 tips and cheats that you will find useful.

How To Stop Aging Now!

Tip 1:

Don’t Be Scared Of Your Doctor

stop aging

Don’t be one of those people that only visit the doctor when something is wrong. Instead, stick to regular checkups and get the right tests at the right time.

This practice could ultimately save your life.

Tip 2:

Know Your Risk Factors

Forget defying gravity, some of us are more interested in defying aging. You can start by delving into your family history and understanding your risk factors.

If you know you tick a lot of risk factor boxes you should be going out of your way to minimize their damage on you by making healthier choices.

Take a closer look at all the members in your family and see what genetic disorders you may have inherited.

Tip 3:

Make Changes

The younger you are when you start practicing good habits the better, but it is never too late to make changes, especially if you want to stop aging now.

Get into good habits and keep them for life.

Tip 4:

Eat The Right Stuff

Click Here to see what you should be eating and drinking each and every day.

Tip 5:

Educate Yourself

Do you know the typical signs and symptoms of a heart attack and a stroke? You can improve your chances of survival if you know what to look for.

Tip 6:

Lose Weight

how to stop aging now

Extra weight can contribute to a variety of lifestyle illnesses, so be sure to reach a healthy weight and make healthy decisions that will maintain it.

Tip 7:

Eat Healthy Fat

While trans fats have no place in your diet, you need to ensure you get an adequate amount of healthy fat: think nuts, seeds, olive oil, & avocados.

Tip 8:

Stop Smoking

Want to do your health the biggest favor possible? This is a surefire way on how to stop aging now.

Pick up that pack of cigarettes, break them in half, and throw them away. That action alone could be lifesaving.

Tip 9:

Look After Your Exposed Bits

Did you know the first signs of aging affect your face, neck, and hands? So, when you apply your sunscreen and moisturizer don’t forget those key areas.

Tip 10:

Listen To Your Sixth Sense

There’s nothing wrong with knowing what works for you and making your decisions based on that because you know you better than anyone else does.

Tip 11:

Brush Your Teeth

If you fail to take care of your teeth it can lead to oral hygiene issues that can spark other more serious health problems. Make sure that you brush and floss daily.

Tip 12:

Drinkhow to stop aging

Water that is.

If you want to support healthy aging make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Increase your hydration when the weather heats up and when you’re more active.

Tip 13:

Don’t Diet

Don’t jump on the fad diet bandwagon. It’s far healthier (and more sustainable) to simply make healthier food decisions to support your health.

Tip 14:

Keep Learning

Every day in life should be seen as a learning opportunity. Try to go out of your way to learn at least one new thing every single day and thus feed your brain.

Tip 15:

Watch What You Eat

The more whole foods you eat the better you will feel and that means choosing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other foods that will improve your health.

how to stop aging now

Tip 16:

Listen To Your Doctor

If your doctor has recommended a specific vaccine to support your health then make sure you take their advice and have the vaccines done as soon as possible.

Tip 17:

Keep Moving

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you must stay active! If you have limited mobility speak to your doctor about what exercises are right for you.

Tip 18:

Get A Pet

Pets can help you beat aging as they relieve stress, give you a sense of purpose, and encourage you to keep active, for example, when you take them on a walk.

Tip 19:


One of the biggest favors you can do to your overall health and happiness is to follow a consistent sleep schedule. Rise and go to bed at the same times each day.

Tip 20:

Work As Long As You Can

If you find the work that you do is satisfying don’t be tempted to retire early if you don’t have to! Most people can only dream of a job they love.

Tip 21:

Talk The Talk

One of the most effective ways to keep your brain sharp into your later years is learning a new language (or even two!). Why not join a class.

Tip 22:

Watch That Dairy Intake

You should be careful about what dairy products that you choose as there have been links to a variety of cancer when you consume too much of it.

Tip 23:

Embrace Your New Found Wisdom

With age comes wisdom, so don’t listen to that nonsense about life going downhill when you reach a certain age. Embrace your age and rock it.

Tip 24:

Research People That Live The Longest

Do you know which countries have the longest lifespans? Why not research who they are and what healthy habits they follow that you can, too.

Tip 25:

Don’t Wish Your Life Away

We often view life based on how quickly we reached our destination, but that isn’t what life is about, it’s all about the journey, so travel it wisely.

Tip 26:

Live To 100

Centenarians are America’s fastest growing age group, so why would you let anyone tell you that you’re getting old when you’ve got decades left in you.

Tip 27:

Watch Those Colors

You can eat a rainbow but pay particular attention to fruits and vegetables in shades of blue and purple as these are great for your heart.

Tip 28:

Stay Positive

The beauty of holding an ageless attitude is that you understand that it doesn’t matter how old you are and you’re capable of doing anything.

Tip 29:

Do Yoga

If you want to help combat your aging mind one of the most effective ways to do so and improve your positivity is to start practicing yoga.

Tip 30:

Don’t Believe All You Hear

Forget the perception about senior citizens, you might fall under this umbrella, but don’t let that hold you back from chasing your dreams.

Tip 31:

Look At Birthdays Differently

Stop dreading your next birthday and look at it as what it is – a major celebration! Why shouldn’t you give a nod to another successful year?

how to stop aging now

Tip 32:

Take Supplements

Sadly, there are a lot of Americans with vitamin deficiencies. Make sure to speak to your doctor about what supplements might be right for you.

Tip 33:


Growing in age is inevitable. Growing old? Well, that is entirely up to you and part of capturing an ageless attitude lies in refusing to do so.

Tip 34:

Treasure Relationships

Four key factors contribute to the aging process. They are isolation, loneliness, lack of healthy relationships and lack of a strong social support system. Being lonely is the quickest way to halt how to stop aging now.

Tip 35:

Look At Aging Differently

Instead of looking at aging as a decline in health, instead, see it as the gathering of wisdom. Why do we always look at aging negatively?

Find things that are great about aging – there are so many.

Tip 36:

Have Fun

You are never too old to have fun and going out of your way to experience pleasure is not a selfish act. It’s what you deserve, so go out and do it.

Tip 37:

Get Social

Social connections are an important aspect of aging. So be yourself and find people who share your interests and attitudes to life.

Tip 38:

Get People Around You Thinking Differently

Is your partner a positive influence on your life? If they’re negative about getting older then it can rub off on you, too. Use your influence and get their attitude changed how to stop aging now.

Tip 39:

Manage Stress

Learn how to effectively manage your stress levels as stress can wreak havoc on your health and wellness and can even shorten your lifespan. Stress release is a major hack in how to stop aging now.

Tip 40:

Everything In Moderation

You don’t have to kiss chocolate or booze goodbye. It’s a simple case of moderation and when you do partake, reach for red wine and dark chocolate.

So there you have it – 40 tips on how to stop aging now! Please feel free to comment below if you have any others to add.

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