joys of aging

The Many Joys Of Aging!

Believe it or not, there are many joys of aging that you probably haven’t even thought about.

Who cares if we don’t have the body we had when we were twenty, there are other perks that make up for it, and here are some of the best gifts to look forward to as you age.

the joys of aging

The Joys Of Aging

We Can Say No!

Now you will be able to say that wonderfully assertive word without the guilt or any explanation. You are now able to break free from the prison of obligation, and you deserve it too!

We Can Act Up If We Like

So now you are allowed to laugh loudly in public or use some spicy words to make your point. Nobody will care.

We Accept Things As They Are

One of the great joys of maturing is that you suddenly realize that you don’t need to control everything, and it doesn’t matter if things are not perfect. This is such a relief.


Finally, you can enjoy your grandchildren without the constant diaper changes and waking up at night. You can shower them with love and enjoy their childhoods with them.

We Have More Time On Our Hands

Now that you have more leisure time, we can develop our creative side and since we don’t need to prove ourselves anymore we are more inclined to try anything and everything. Get crafty by starting a new hobby or even building an online business.

We Can Nap Whenever We Want To

If your pets can do it, then so can you.

We Can Can The Guilt

Kiss guilt goodbye and live your life on your own terms now. You deserve it.

We Don’t Have To Cook If We Don’t Feel Like It

Take it out or go out. You don’t need to spend every waking hour in the kitchen anymore.

Pensioner Discounts!

Now you can take full advantage everywhere you go. Just remember to ask for your discount. You are entitled.

We Can Eat Candy

Here is an interesting fact. Researchers tracked the health and lifestyle of 7841 men who entered Harvard between 1916 and 1950. They found that those that occasionally splurged on a sweet treat lived almost a year longer than men who didn’t eat any candy.

joys of aging

However, remember, moderation is still key. Those who ate from one to three sweets a month lived longer than those who ate sweet treats more than three times a week.

Researchers are sure that this would apply to women as well.

We Have Honed Our Social Skills And Have Empathy

Years of practice have finally paid off in this department.

Various studies have shown that subjects in their 60s were better than younger ones at imagining different points of view, thinking of multiple resolutions, and suggesting compromises.

We Have More Experience And Wisdom

We now have a wealth of experience to draw upon and a much deeper understanding of what’s really important in our lives.

A Happier Outlook

It may surprise some, but studies show that seniors are among the happiest groups of people and that they are significantly happier than their middle-aged counterparts.

So there you have it, the many joys of aging. Please comment below if you can think of any more.


  1. As we age, we become wiser and more experienced in life. I believe that there are certainly many joys of aging. For instance, having more free time to pursue your hobbies or travel is a great advantage of aging. Additionally, being able to spend quality time with family and friends is something I cherish as I get older. However, I wonder if there are any downsides to aging that people often overlook? Despite the challenges that can come with age, overall I think it’s important to embrace the joys and opportunities that come with getting older.

    1. I think the main downsides to aging is failing health, but we can combat a lot of that if we look after ourselves.

  2. It’s refreshing to read about the numerous overlooked benefits of aging.
    The ability to say “no” without feeling guilty, to embrace authenticity, and to accept flaws are all liberating experiences. And undoubtedly, the occasional indulgence in sweet delicacies, as well as the acquired wisdom and happy outlook that comes with age, contribute to a fulfilling life.
    Accepting the joys of aging is certainly something to rejoice about!
    However, I’m curious: What methods or ideas would you offer for people who may struggle to embrace these joys as they age?

    1. I think the only reason you would not enjoy aging is if your health goes wrong. Even so one needs to focus on what you do have in your life that is wonderful and be grateful. 

  3. Ya, I am enjoying my 50s much more than my 20s and 30s. The most important thing is to stay as healthy as one can, and the rest is really beautiful.

    I still cannot talk about older age groups and how would I be feeling then. I guess, in addition to health is the financial situation. This is of course from an individualistic perspective.

    There are for sure important circumstances for happiness, but with regard to the points mentioned in this article, I totally agree.

  4. At least some people see the joy in aging as many others need to see. Aging is a great blessing that comes with years of wisdom and experience. Aging is being looked at as something bad, making people aging wish to go back to their youth, but they are far way freer than they were younger. I love the fact that this looked at the bright side, the benefits of aging making aging that much easier.

    1. There are definitely benefits to aging and having a long life is a gift we should all cherish. 

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