makeup tips for older women

Makeup Tips For Older Women

Here’s a collection of makeup tips for older women that I hope will be helpful to you in some way.

As we get older, we need to realize that certain things need to be adjusted or changed. How we apply our makeup is one of them, and it can’t be as loud as it was when you were younger.

Makeup is not just an art that helps you express yourself. It is also incredibly empowering because it helps you look and feel like the best version of yourself at any age.
makeup tips for older women

Makeup Tips For Older Women

In these makeup tips for older women, let’s walk through applying your makeup from scratch.


Prepping your face is an absolute must and one of those makeup tips for older women that you can’t do without if you want your makeup to last and also look flawless.

makeup tips for older women
Quench and rejuvanate your skin with hyaluronic acid.

After you have done your normal cleanse, tone, serum, and eye cream use a hydrating moisturizer and mix a primer in with it for a dewy look. Remember to use products with a sunscreen, no matter what your age.

Add an extra layer of moisturizer to dry or dehydrated areas before applying any makeup. Many finer lines can be reduced or eliminated with that extra bit of hydration.

The primer will even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores.

Once your primer and moisturizer have had a chance to draw in, use a lightweight creamy foundation, a foundation with light-reflecting particles or a BB cream. A heavy foundation will just end up looking cakey, and we are aiming for our skins to look radiant, fresh and moisturized.

Remember to blend your foundation onto the top of your neck so that there are no lines showing where your foundation ends.

If you want a more natural no makeup look, try taking a dollop of your favorite moisturizer and mix it in with your foundation.

A foundation should look like a second skin once it is applied. As you age, it is better to opt for products that don’t have a powdery finish. The trick is to avoid dry formulas that stick in crevices and emphasize wrinkles. This goes for foundations and blushers.

If you have problem areas on your face, like age spots, redness or dark circles under your eyes, you will need to apply some concealer now. Always use concealer after you have applied foundation, as then you will use less. The ultimate aim is to have a dewy fresh looking skin with a natural healthy look to it.

Luckily foundation selection does get easier as we age. We no longer have to wonder if we are a pink or neutral undertone. Many older women look great with a slightly yellow undertone, as it makes them look younger as the hint of gold adds the warmth that is associated with youth.


Here again, cream blusher will look a lot more flattering than a powder blusher.

A small dab will leave you with a subtle hint of color that is perfect for aging skin.

Apply three dots at the height of the apples of your cheeks and blend in an upward motion along your cheekbones to instantly lift and define your features.

Rather than buying an expensive cream blusher, try experimenting with lipstick. Try using a peach, pink, or red lipstick as a blush. If lipstick is very bright, just use a dot or two and place it further away from your nose than you would do with a powder blush. Blend well with your fingers and a brush.

There should be absolutely no lines visible once you have finished blending.


The eyes are the windows to your soul and this is why you need to emphasize them.

Unfortunately, eyelash loss and eyelash thinning is another side effect of getting older, as well as wrinkles and crows feet.

makeup tips for older womenAlthough this isn’t one of those makeup tips for older women, the one thing that you can do to slow down this lash loss it to remove every single trace of mascara every night before bed.

In order to do this have some baby oil on hand in addition to your regular remover, as this will also condition your existing lashes.

After taking the mascara off with eye makeup remover, apply a few drops of oil onto cotton wool and wipe gently back and forth with your eye closed. Repeat with another cotton swab to make sure its all off.

To thicken sparse lashes first curl your lashes with your lash curler. Next, use a separate wand to dust some powder onto your lashes.

This mascara actually lengthens and volumizes short, thin, sparse eyelashes

Apply two coats of mascara wiggling the brush at the roots of your lashes.  From there, sweep up and inward toward your nose.

Next, use a clean brush to sweep away any excess powder that fell out of bounds.

Talking about mascara wands, there’s no reason to trash used mascara wands, because they can be used over and over in many different ways.

When you’re through with your mascara, wash the wand in hot, soapy water. Then, sit it in a container of isopropyl alcohol for about thirty minutes. Rinse well and dry.

You can use these spare wands to comb your eyebrows, apply castor oil to the lashes to boost their length, tame baby hairs near your temples and much more.

Eyeshadow should be blended well with good quality makeup brushes. The darker shade should be blended into the crease of your eye.

Always start with a lighter shade to cover your entire eye area, and use the darker shades closer to your eyes.

Use eyeliner sparingly as you age.


Use a clean mascara brush to tame your brows, and keep them neat by plucking stray hairs on a regular basis. As you get older, you will find you will use lighter browns on your brows, as black can be very harsh on an aging face. This is especially true if you have grey or light-colored hair.

You can use a soft eyebrow pencil, or as I prefer to do, a brown wax  or gel like the one below combed through the brows for a more natural tips for older women


One of the best makeup tips for older women I can give you is to dab a small amount of concealer around the mouth and here is why.

Unfortunately, as we age, we tend to develop lines around the mouth. If you want to prevent your lip color from feathering and bleeding into these lines, all you need to do is dab a small amount of concealer around your lips to prevent your lip color from bleeding into these lines.

This simple trick will also add fullness to your mouth.

Colourwise, its best to choose a lipstick that matches your natural lip color for best results.

If you want your color to last, it’s always best to use a soft lipliner first. Colour in your entire lip area with the liner before applying your lipstick.


A powder is there to coat and mattify the face.

This is wonderful news if you are oily, but as we age, oil production does slow down. Using powder on dry skin makes us look dry, dusty and ashy, and this can visually age us.

Instead of using powder, use a setting spray to keep your makeup in place and give you a youthful glow.

If you have any makeup tips for older women, please feel free to comment below.


  1. I understand that make up can improve your appearance. But do one need to heavily rely on it to become beautiful? I feel it is so much work for an older woman to look good. In the end of day that make up is wash away and redo again the next day. 

    1. I totally understand your frustration Kit. I also hate doing it every day, but I keep it very light and natural as I don’t have an office job to go to and people to impress. However it is nice to do yourself up nicely if you have a night out on the town. 

      These make up tips are also great to just give you a little confidence boost. 

      In the end you won’t need too much makeup if you just look after your skin well. 

  2. Hi Michel,

    Great job here on sharing Makeup Tips for Older Women. As women mature, so do their skins matured with them as well. No matter how matured they are, makeup still plays important part of their lives by helping them be the best version of theirselves. Matured women will greatly benefit from these makeup tips that this article shared and what particular product that will suit matured skin types.

  3. Oh this is very useful! I guess a lot of women just do their makeup the same way they did when they were younger. Get stuck in the same look from the 80s! Not realising it makes them look even older! Good tips! Can you recommend anything for sensitive skin?

    1. For sensitive skin, you need to check the ingredients in the products very well, and try to go for natural and chemical free products for the best results.

      Luckily there are loads of these types of products available nowadays.

  4. Hi, thank you for inviting me to your website. I am not sure but what are the differences between the make up used by an older women and a younger women. At what age do you decide I am older so I should switch make ups. You have a great site and it is easy to navigate. Personally I do not use make up. I like the fact that you have decided to engage with a certain group of people. 

    Please if you do have the time I would appreciate you looking over my site and giving me some suggestions on how I may be able to improve it. Thank you and the best of success to you.

    1. Make up is a very personal thing, and you have to see what will work for you. The best thing to do if you have no clue where to begin is to go to your beauty store and ask the girls at the counter to teach you how to do your makeup and ask what products will suit you. In this way you can decide which make up products are right for you based on what you look like after the makeup is applied.

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