style secrets for women

Timeless Style Secrets For Women

No matter what your age, there are a few timeless style secrets for women to ensure you always look stylish and well presented. Believe it or not, it is not at all about following the latest fashion advice.

Style Secrets For Women

style secrets for women

No matter what your age, every woman desires that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that certain people seem to exude. It is the indefinable quality that feels effortless and timeless.

Here are some simple style secrets for women to help you too to achieve that irresistible personal and timeless style.

Stay Away From Trends

Trends are not always designed to suit all body types. So if the latest trend doesn’t flatter you, don’t try to force your look to work with them.

Doing this will allow you to develop your own signature style that will stand the test of time, regardless of what is currently in fashion.

Avoid A Sloppy Silhouette

Although oversized cardigans and baggy jeans are the current trend, tailored pieces are the number one way to achieve polish, which timeless women always have.

Clean And Neat Accessories

Shoddy shoes and a frayed handbag could ruin even the highest of haute couture outfits.

Always ensure your accessories are clean and well-polished. Invest in a few high-quality and classic items that go with all outfits.

style secretsYou Can Never Have Too Much Of A Good Thing

If you find that item of clothing that seems to have been tailored specifically for you or you come across that perfect jacket or pair of shoes, make sure to buy the item in multiple pieces or in every possible color.

You will never have to worry about the day when you have to throw the overworn item away and you won’t be able to get another.

Follow The Rule Of Thirds

Familiarise yourself with the ‘third piece rule.’

The third piece is a belt, scarf, hat, or coat which you would wear over your ensemble. The third piece adds a chic touch without overpowering your look.

Have A ‘Go-To’ Outfit Formula

This style secret for women ensures that you never have to worry that you have nothing to wear.

Ensure you always have classic items that fill you with confidence in your wardrobe, ready to be up styled for evening affairs or softens for casual daytime events with the right accessories.

Choose Flats Over Heels

Although tradition dictates that women wear heels to a formal event, if those heels are going to leave you struggling through the evening, the right pair of flats can finish off an outfit just as well as a pair of heels.

Choose flats that are chic and clean and that match your ensemble.

Invest In A Colour Analysis

Colour analysis is a method of determining which colors of clothing and make-up shades harmonize with a person’s skin complexion, eye color, and hair color.

Wearing the wrong colors can leave you looking drained or washed out.

However, knowing which color family you belong to can help you to figure out exactly which hues will flatter you.

Wearing one of your colors close to your face will light you up and make your hair and eyes pop.

See if you can work out which one you are.

Spring Type:

Skin: clear, warm undertone. Cheeks turn a peachy color when you blush. You have light skin for your ethnicity.

Hair: Light blond to medium brown or strawberry blonde. Golden or red undertones.

Eyes: Clear blue, turquoise, green, hazel, or light brown.

Summer Type:

Skin: cool undertone. Low contrast between hair and skin. Cheeks turn a cool rosy color when you blush.

Hair: Light blonde to medium brown. Cool ashy undertones.

Eyes: Clear blue, turquoise, cool green, grey-brown, or slate.

Autumn Type:

Skin: Warm golden undertone. Rich overall coloring. Low contrast between skin, hair, and eyes.

Hair: Mid-brown to black, or medium to deep red. Golden or red undertones.

Eyes; Hazel, medium to black-brown, olive, or warm green.

Winter Type:

Skin: Cool or olive undertones. High contrast between skin, hair, and eyes or a deep overall coloring.

Hair:  Ashy mid brown or dark brown to black. Cool undertones.

Eyes: Mid brown to black-brown, grey-blue, clear blue, or cool green.

You can read more about learning what color type you are and which colors will suit you best by clicking here.

Have you tried facial exercise to keep your face looking younger?

If you have any other timeless style secrets for women to add, please leave a comment below.


  1. I first heard about the “seasonal” colour analysis idea many years ago (in the 1980’s) when it seemed to be everywhere. It was a frequent topic of conversation and I remember so many women talking about whether they were a “Spring” or “Fall”, etc. While I think it can help someone get an idea of their overall skin tones and undertones, I don’t feel like this worked very well for me personally. I was told that pink was a bad color for me, and suddenly one of my favorite colors was something I “shouldn’t” wear. It took many years before I’d even consider trying on pink clothing, but once I finally did, I loved the looks and got compliments on many of the pieces. 

    So, I’d say it’s a fun exercise to come up with a general color palette, but not a reason to avoid your favorite color if it’s something that you know you like.

    1. You are right Aly, as not everyone is set in stone as far as the color palette for the seasons goes. Some people are between two seasons, so in a lot of cases, you need to use your own intuition as too what colors suit you and which ones make you look drained.

      When someone tells me I look tired, it is usually because I am wearing the wrong colors.

  2. Hello Michel. These are some of the best advice and tips I have seen regarding style secrets for women. 

    I don’t believe in always following the latest trends. This is because all of these trends are created by people like you and I. On several occasions, I have seen ladies struggling with heels before and after an event or occasion. Putting on what is flat, comfortable but stylish and clean is a piece of great advice for such ladies. 

    1. I have never been one for the trends either, and my job is very casual, so I am lucky I can live in sneakers if I like. The challenge for me is to look stylish and casual at the same time. I try but I know I don’t always get it right.

  3. Fabulous tips here! Accessories are so important to complete an outfit but as Coco Chanel once said always take off the last thing you put on! It’s a great idea to wear flat styles too, I once would never be seen without my heels but I’d much rather be comfortable (and stylish) great tip about finding your colors too. I really like that!

    1. Coco Chanel was right as simplicity better than overdressing. And yes, being comfortable rather than hobbling around unattractively all day in high shoes is definitely more attractive.

  4. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. 

    All women irrespective of their age are expected to have stylish looks that are convenient and fashionable. Truly, trends are not always designed to suit all body types, which can itself allow the individual to become more creative in fixing a style that suits themselves. 

    1. You are correct Stevie. It is important for each woman to create her own signature style that suits her personally, no matter what the current trends are. In this way, she will be remembered, admired and followed.

  5. Hey, nice article you have there, your thoughts are indeed invaluable. I have learned a whole lot from this article. 

    Well, I must say, I am the type that lives to keep up with modern fashion. Having stumbled onto this article, I have been made to understand that, it’s not all about the trends rather it’s the ability to choosing clothing that will be suitable for your figure type and personality, as well as the right colors for your complexion.

    1. So many people are fashion slaves. In the long run, you can save so much more by buying timeless pieces that suit you and maybe add a small high fashion accessory to the outfit for the season.

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