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Best Home Facial Yoga Product Out There

Update: I see that this product is no longer available online, which is such a pity as I really enjoyed doing the exercise.

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This is a review on the best home facial yoga product out there at the moment. It is called Facelift Without Surgery and I have recently been gifted with this great product.

The Best Home Facial Yoga Product

Facelift Without Surgery Reviewhome facial yoga

Name: Facelift Without Surgery

Website: Facelift Without Surgery
Price: $37
Owner: Wendy Wilkens
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

What Is Facelift Without Surgery?

This home facial yoga product is the key to looking younger without having to go under the surgeon’s knife.

It is an eBook that you can download straight onto your computer or tablet after purchasing.

There are 93 pages in all and what I loved about this eBook is that there is no fluff to read through and it gets straight to the point.

It took me about an hour to read and the exercises take about twenty minutes to implement if you do them properly.

Facelift Without Surgery teaches simple face yoga exercises for those who wish to erase the years and look younger using a combination of facial aerobics and acupressure.

The whole idea of a facelift without surgery is to get the same benefits using the fingers instead of a scalpel.

Who Is Wendy Wilkens?

Wendy Wilken is a physiotherapist, a world renowned facial aerobics exercise practitioner and an expert in non-surgical facelift regimens.

She was twenty-nine when she released her book and she claims she has been using the exercises on herself for nine years prior to releasing this book. She is pictured on the cover of the book at age 29 and she is also photographed inside the book demonstrating the facial exercises.

How does home facial yoga work?

Facial yoga works by flexing the muscles like a body builder would using weights. The weights you will use will be your fingers.

This stretching and relaxing of the face and neck muscles during facial yoga builds and expands the muscle fibre.

The muscle then pulls the skin towards itself and the bone, at the same time it expands in girth, thereby appearing more full.

When acupressure facial toning is applied to the face and neck muscles, the underlying muscles become oxygenated.

Simultaneously, elastin production is stimulated as the skin is stretched and contracted during the home face yoga exercises, thus increasing the skin’s elasticity.

Elastin is the stuff that makes the skin springy and is present in the face and neck skin. Elastin gets depleted with age, so it’s a good thing to do facial toning.

Blood and oxygen are channelled to the muscles during the finger massaging. The connective tissue against the bone, which holds the muscles and the skin, becomes more flexible and firm and thus so do the muscles.

Baggy skin starts to lift, wrinkles fade, eye bags diminish, and your complexion glows and becomes smooth.

A younger looking skin and smooth, shapely countenance with a glowing complexion are possible in less than a month.

So, in a nutshell, this form of facial yoga will firm sagging skin, lift hanging jowls, firm up the cheeks and yield a sharper jawline.  Wrinkles on the skin will start fading with time as long as the facial yoga is practised.

Who Should This Product Be Aimed At?

I think anybody from their twenties upwards should be doing these home facial yoga workouts. The younger you start, the slower you will age externally.

I am in my late forties and after a week of doing these exercises each day I notice the lines around my eyes looking less deep and the colour and glow of my skin have improved tenfold.

Here are some of the clients that Wendy has helped with her product.

facial yoga

home facial exercises

facelift without surgery

Pros And Cons Of Facelift Without Surgery


  • Results can already be seen in as little as four days after starting the home facial yoga exercies.
  • The exercises are easy to do and you can do it while you watch TV or while sitting at a robot.
  • There are many other benefits to this form of exercise, including better digestion, headache and pain relief, improved blood circulation, improved sleep at night, improved stomach and liver function, clears the sinuses, alleviates irritated or dry eye syndrome, relieves eyestrain, and stimulates the thyroid gland region.
  • Chubby cheeks and sagging jowls will be tightened and lifted.
  • Hollow cheeks will fill out.
  • Soothing and relaxing to do.
  • Double chins will dissappear over time.
  • The exercises are easy to follow with clear and concise instructions.
  • If you keep doing these exercises long term, you will continue to look younger and younger.
  • There is no stretching and pulling of the skin, like other forms of facial exercise.
  • You get 17 bonus products when you purchase the book. This alone makes the product well worth the $37 that you are spending.


  • If you don’t do the exercises they won’t work. This is why most products don’t work, as people don’t make full use of them.
  • You need to do them every day for the first thirty days and thereafter about 3 times a week to maintain a younger looking face. It will take some time, but the results are worth the effort.
  • You can’t change your bone structure with these exercises, only the quality of the skin that lies over them.
  • For best results you need to be in a vertical position, so you can’t do them while lying in bed.

Final Verdict

Having tried this product for myself, and seeing results after less than a week, I can strongly recommend it. The price is good and you also get many more bonus books that you can download.

The exercises are easy to do and also relaxing, unlike going to the gym.

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