anti aging facial exercises

Anti Aging Facial Exercises

I am a great believer in Anti Aging Facial Exercises, because just as you have to keep the muscles in your body strong and healthy by exercising, the same goes for your face. The use of anti aging facial exercises daily will help you to say goodby to unsightly jowls, flabby necklines, and even chubby cheeks.

Did you know that there are 57 muscles in your face and neck that need regular attention in order to stay fit, toned and trim.

Face Yoga or Anti Aging Facial exercises designed specifically for the facial muscles can help shed your unwanted face weight, as well as rejuvenate the skin and define the face – which helps you look both slimmer and younger.

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Why Do Face Exercises?

The daily use of anti aging facial exercises is quickly becoming part of the routine for millions of men and women around the world, including celebrities like Megan Markle. The best part is that you don’t need any painful cosmetic treatments and gym memberships. You can look healthier and younger with the regular practise of these exercises, just like you would normally exercise your body.

These sorts of exercises are also non-invasive unlike Botox, and they are still fantastically effective. As with any form of exercise, sticking to a regular routine is key to seeing results.

Anti Aging Facial Exercises

anti aging facial exercises

Let’s start off with these 3 insanely simple exercises to help you to lose face fat and firm up at the same time.

Blowing Air

This blowing air exercise will target just about every neck and facial muscle to help you slim your cheeks and target a double chin. With regular exercise, you can unlock the benefits of a natural facelift and an overall leaner appearance. Here’s how to master the Air Blower and start looking slimmer too.

Start by either standing or sitting with a good posture. Tilt your head backwards until you can see the ceiling. Push out your lips and blow air for ten seconds.

Repeat this exercise ten times.

This anti aging facial exerise helps reduce the appearance of a double chin and naturally slims down the jaw. As your facial muscles are tightened you can enjoy a natural facelift without going under the knife, and an overall younger, leaner look to be proud of.

Cheek Sculptor

If you feel like your cheeks are drooping as you get older, this cheek sculptor is just the thing for you.

In this exercise you will be using your hands to assist you and it is one of the best facial exercises for the cheeks. So let’s start to lift those cheeks. Make sure your hands are clean and put some moisturizer on them to help them slide better. Never pull the skin unnecessarily or this will just cause wrinkles in other places.

Sit nice and tall first of all then press your lips together over your teeth. Lift your cheeks up using circular motions towards your eyes with three fingers. You can also try shutting your eyes during this exercise for more resistane and better results. This will lift your upper cheek area even higher and give your face more of a lift, as well as help burn fat around the cheeks.

This facial exercise will also smooth out those cheek folds for an overall younger looking appearance.

Repeat this exercise 15 times.

Here are some variations of that exercise to follow on video.

The Jaw Release Exercise

If you are looking for slimmer and more defined cheekbones, the jaw release face-building exercise helps stretch the muscles around your cheeks, lips and jaw area. It also burns fat and tones the muscles improving your jaw line.

Open and close your jaw like you are chewing bubblegum. Keep your lips closed as you chew and breathe in through your nose.

Repeat this for five seconds then open your mouth as wide as possible and place your tongue on your lower teeth. Hold for five seconds.

Do this anti aging facial exercise fifteen times. This is like doing resistance training on your face as the force your face muscles are working against comes from your own movements so you are strengthening and toning your muscles the same way you would exercising your body at the gym. So the next stop should be sharp and attractive jaw bones if you do this regularly.

Learn More Anti Aging Facial Exercises!

There are some wonderful resources available online including this one for only $10.

I have been doing Fumiko Takatsu exercises for about two years now and they are great. She also has a book that you can purchase online, as it is difficult to remember all the exercises, and having the book is invaluable.

The Ultimate Guide to The Face Yoga Method

Learn how to target specific areas with facial exercises. Diminish wrinkles, unwanted lines and asymmetry through detailed face yoga exercises that will work out, strengthen and tone the muscles of the face and the neck and jawline.

Each face exercise is presented with detailed instructions and photos. There are warm up and cool down exercises.

This volume also includes two extra bonus chapters on meal plans, eating for beauty and home skin care techniques.


  1. This is just what I am looking for. I just learned about these face exercises and I am very curious to see if it really works. 

    I see you have even written about exercises that work your lips. This is very helpfull. Instead of getting hyaluronic acid we can use exercises for our lips which is healthier too. 

    I am going to try these and hopefully try some more.

    1. Hi Ramona,

      Thanks for stopping by. The exercises here are mostly for targeting cheeks, chin and mouth, but there is just so much more you can do, as there are so many muscles in the face that you can’t get to in three exercises. That is why it is best to purchase a book so that you can learn other exercises to target other areas of your face.

  2. Anti-aging facial exercises seem like a good way to give my 50-year-old face a boost and tighten up the skin. I just need to stick to them regularly and I’m sure I will see some results. I am interested in this book from Fumiko Takatsu, because as you said it is to hard to remember all the exercises. Does this book get good reviews or do you have a review on it? Thanks

    1. Lizzy, you have given me an idea, I really must do a review on it as I own the book and it is great. I actually started off with Fumiko’s facial yoga boot camp a few years ago, which is how I got my hands on the book. Her exercises are all great.

  3. I love this article, as it just confirmed that all these years while performing these activities to my face I was going on the right path. Obviously, it has worked well for me to present because I do constantly get compliments on my youthful appearance.

    The topic is on point, I hope when others (both male and female) read and follow the steps they will definitely see a change in their facial appearance. 

    Excellent article, thanks for sharing.

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