why should I drink smoothies

Why Should I Drink Smoothies Instead Of Soda’s?

I am sure you have heard about the health benefits of drinking smoothies. You are probably wondering ‘why should I drink smoothies when I eat all my vegetables and get in all my fruit each day?’ We won’t even mention how bad soda cool drinks are for you as they are packed with chemicals and sweeteners.

Why Should I Drink Smoothies?

The main reason is that smoothies offer a quick and easy way to get in all those beneficial nutrients in a few gulps. That could be your entire fruit and vegetable intake for the day taken care of. If you are bad at getting in all your fruit and vegetable requirements each day, then this is one surefire way to achieve this goal.

Also, because smoothies are made in a blender, they are also easily digestible to the body, and thus more nutrients will be absorbed.

Not only do fruits and veggies keep you young on the inside and the outside, but they also ward off unwanted diseases like cancer and other ailments that we pick up as we get older.

Like anything, drinking smoothies has to become a daily habit, especially if you don’t already drink smoothies. Start with a smoothie a day and don’t worry about the time that you consume it.

If you can consume your smoothie first thing in the morning, that is best, but later on, in the day is also fine. The most important part is getting into the habit of drinking a smoothie a day.why should I drink smoothies

Let’s face the facts here. Despite what you hear people say, most smoothies although tasty will never come close to a sugary soda or an ice cream milkshake. That’s why it is difficult for most people to replace sodas with smoothies.

Try these smoothie recipes, which are really delicious.

Beware of not following recipes at first, as the smoothie could taste like mud. With vegetables, you need to know ratios, as some vegetables have a strong or unpleasant flavor if used in excess.

Initially, you may wish to slowly cut down on any sugary drinks you’re consuming and drink a smoothie every day. Over time, try and replace the sodas with the smoothies. It will take effort but if you approach it in a slow and steady manner, it can be done. Building new habits do take time.

Do not go to extremes and immediately give up all the sodas for smoothies as this will be a recipe for disaster. You’ll just be putting pressure and stress on yourself.

Now, if you are asking why should I drink smoothies, this is a good enough reason. You are getting rid of bad habits that despite bringing you comfort, are detrimental to your health, and you are replacing that with something that can only bring you good things.

Take things a day at a time. Go slow and always make changes little by little. In this way, you are more likely to be successful.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can try to replace one of your meals with a smoothie. The smoothie may not be as satisfying as a normal meal such as a plate of pasta or 3 slices of pizza, but it will be much better for your health.

Aim to do this just once a day till you’re comfortable with it. Then you may progress to reducing your meal portion sizes and even replacing 2 meals with smoothies. If you can do this, your fat will melt like butter and you will drop the pounds in no time at all.

If you’re a parent, you can start your child on smoothies while they are young. Because most kids hate eating their veggies, it is easier to get them to drink them. Apple juice will make it more palatable for them. At least in this way, they will be getting all the vegetable nutrients without you having to negotiate and debate with them at the dinner table.

While green smoothies are excellent for your health, occasionally you may wish to try other smoothies too. The rules are not set in stone and you’re not in a green smoothie prison, although the green ones are definitely the healthier option.

Usually, it is recommended that green smoothies should be comprised of 60% fruits and 40% veggies. This is a good place to start with but over time, you should progress to 60% or 70% vegetables and 40% or 30% fruits respectively.

The reason for this is that most people these days are carrying more fat on their bodies than they should. By increasing the vegetable intake and reducing the fruits, you’ll be consuming less sugar. Your body will burn more fat and you’ll lose any excess weight even faster.

The benefits of green smoothies are many. By now, you should be fully aware that you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not drinking them.

Like Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Green smoothies are your medicine.

It may take a while to develop the habit, but it’s well worth the effort in the long run, as the rewards are great. If you have any more reasons for ‘why should I drink smoothies,’ please feel free to comment below.

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