how to appreciate yourself

How To Appreciate Yourself More

Let us look at ideas to help you to learn how to appreciate yourself more, as it’s often more challenging to see what we’re doing right than what we’re doing wrong. Even reflecting on our admirable characteristics makes some of us nervous. Appreciation and compliments can make us uncomfortable, and we sometimes don’t know how to react without appearing self-conscious.

The wonderful thing about getting older is that it is easier to accept yourself as you are, and it is so much easier to work on self-appreciation, as you know all the great things that you are capable of.

So, how can we positively appreciate our great traits? 

I suppose the key is self-compassion, which entails treating oneself with compassion, a feeling of shared humanity, and consciousness when we evaluate our apparent shortcomings – but differently. I prefer to refer to it as “self-appreciation.”

According to LifeHack, “To love yourself is to experience freedom – freedom from doubt, self-hate, and oppression created by you. To love yourself is no longer holding yourself back from what you deserve. To love yourself is to grow and enjoy your life. Self-love is a necessity if you want to live a comfortable life. Self-love is a choice, a commitment to yourself that you will love yourself, despite all the social and biological obstacles in your path. It is not found in a place, person, or item.” 

how to appreciate yourself

How To Appreciate Yourself More

Decide To Do It

Self-appreciation is a decision you have to make for yourself. It is not found in another person or an item. You get self-appreciation by choosing what you desire. It would be best if you decided to let go of this toxic thinking after a lifetime of loathing yourself for not being enough.

Say no to all of your internal self-hatred and tell yourself the truth: you are not perfect, and that is good. Begin by giving yourself license to appreciate yourself more. Even if you convince yourself otherwise, you are deserving of more appreciation.

Take time to tell yourself this and permit yourself to enjoy yourself. This is the first step in acknowledging the reality that you can appreciate yourself.

Check Your Negative Beliefs

Disrupt mental patterns that are solely focused on failures and defects. When it comes to self-esteem, our subconscious is not always on our side.

It takes time and effort to educate your mind into healthy habits, but the first step is to recognize the falsehoods it tells you:

  • Recognize that feeling like a loser does not imply that you are a failure.
  • Examine the evidence to support your findings. Even though the negative thought spiral makes it feel that way, a friend not replying to your text does not indicate they dislike you.
  • Recognize that good happening merit your attention as well. One negative comment should not deter you from appreciating positive feedback.

Compassionately React To Your Blunders And Setbacks

You don’t have to berate yourself for every blunder. According to research, reacting to your own mistakes with compassion boosts your self-esteem and makes you a more competent and resourceful individual. Fight back against the inner critic who distorts reality:

  • There are hardly any things in life that are “all or nothing.” Even if things did not go as planned, it does not imply that nothing good came from it.
  • One setback does not define you for the rest of your life.
  • Call that feeling of pessimism into question by reminding yourself, “Things didn’t go my way, but that doesn’t indicate they always will. I can’t foresee the future.”


Let Go Of The Perfection Ideology

how to appreciate yourselfYou will never be flawless; no person ever will be. Don’t allow this fact prevent you from appreciating yourself.

It’s way too easy to despise oneself for not being perfect or sufficient. However, this leads to self-hatred since you focus on what you do not have rather than what you do have.

Remember that self-appreciation blossoms in a great attitude, which requires you to appreciate what you have.

In a worldview founded in perfection, dubbed “never good enough,” your ability to understand yourself suffers, fades, and dies.

Learn To Say No

Instead of overcommitting, prioritize your personal needs. Respect your boundaries and learn to decline obligations that aren’t worth the stress.

The unthinking “yes” in answering any request is a sort of “people-pleasing” action that prioritizes everyone else’s interests before your own.

So now that you know some tips you can use in how to appreciate yourself, try and get into the habit of using them on a daily basis, as working on yourself is something you need to focus on regularly, just as you need to eat and exercise.


  1. Hello Michel. Apart from all the great ideas you listed on appreciating yourself, I feel that learning how to say no is sticking to me. This is one thing I have been battling with in the past, always saying yes to everything and everyone. Very BAD indeed. It was not easy to start saying no. I had to force and push myself to actually doing it. 

    Practice makes perfect. Today, I’m no longer have any trouble to say no when I feel it be necessary. Not saying no to everything, but only to those I FEEL is a “NO”. Well written post and looking forward to the next.

    1. Saying no is very difficult for most people, but by saying yes to everything just causes stress and anxiety in your life as you cannot do it all in the end.

  2. Compassion and kindness can go a long way. Oftentimes, we hear people tell us how we should input those characteristics towards or peers and the people around us, but not everyone is aware that we also need to take care of the person that lies under these skin and bones that we carry as a reminder that we’re able to feel, be empathic, and reasonable. Great piece you’ve got here. This is so needed in times like the ones we’re living in. 

  3. Nice article.

    When I appreciate my self I start to feel good. And there’s nothing more important than feeling good.

    Sometimes I find my self doing a ‘rampage of appreciation’ – it seems as though nature conspires to bring me more things to appreciate. On such days i’m so happy, creative and everything flows effortless

    There’s power in appreciation.


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