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How To Feel Great Every Day

Do you want to know how to feel great every day? Well try these easy exercises throughout your day and feel the difference these small and easy hacks can make to the way that you feel.

Here are a day’s worth of exercises and stretches that are recommended by Jo Fasen, PT, orthopedic clinical specialist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Center for the Spine, Sports and Occupational Rehabilitation. Do them all for a stress-relieving invigorating routine, or do individual stretches for specific problems.

If you don’t see improvement after a month of consistent stretching, or you still have pain, see a physical therapist.

How To Feel Great Every Day All Day!

7H00 – Energize Your Day

This early morning stretch will reduce stiffness and can also help to relieve back pain.

Kneel on your hands and knees with your head, neck, and back in alignment. Keeping your shoulders relaxed, lower your chin towards your chest, pull in your belly, and round your back like a cat arching. Hold then slowly return to the starting to feel great

Next arch your back, creating an inward curve with your butt lifted towards the ceiling and your head looking up just slightly. Hold then repeat the sequence.

10H00 – Improve Mental Focus

As we age, we need to do all we can to keep that brain fit.

Sit on the edge of a chair with your pelvis tilted slightly forward and your legs spread as wide as you can comfortably.

Slide your chin back so that your ears are aligned over your shoulders. Lift your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades together and down away from your ears. Reach both arms wide and slightly behind you.

Your palms should be facing forward, fingers spread. Don’t arch your lower back. You should feel it in your chest, shoulders, and upper back. Hold, then repeat.

Feel that stress melting away.

13H00 – Prevent Soreness

After your lunchtime walk, this stretch will reduce pain, especially in the hips. Stand with your feet a few inches apart, then move one leg about 1 to 2 feet forward. Bend your knees, making sure your front knee is directly over the ankle.

Keep your posture upright as you tuck in your abdomen and butt and tilt your pelvis. Hold and you should feel it in front of the hips.

15H00 – Prevent An Afternoon Slump

While sitting in a chair, hook your left hand, palm facing you, on the back of the seat next to your left buttock. Hold on as you lean forward. Keep your shoulders back and drop your right ear toward your right shoulder. Then roll your chin forward, and hold. You will feel it on the left side of the neck.

Switch hands and repeat on the other side. This stretch is also great to ease neck pain.

18H00 – Calm Anxiety

Stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart, hips facing forward, and abs tight. Gently twist your trunk to the right and hold. You should feel the stretch in your abs, sides, and back. Return to starting position and repeat to the left side.

Next, gently lean to the right as you reach your left arm up toward the ceiling. Curve it slightly overhead, palm down. Keep your shoulders down and relaxed. Hold, then repeat to the left side. You will feel this on the sides of your torso.

20H00 – Look Younger

This stretch can improve posture and give feel-good vibes for a special evening out.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your abs tight.

how to feel greatKeeping your back straight, bend at the hips and knees, reaching your hands through your legs if comfortable. Hold. Do not do this exercise if you have back pain. You should feel this in your butt and thighs.

Next use your hips to straighten up, reaching your arms overhead and slightly behind. you. Hold.

Don’t arch your back and you will feel this in your chest, upper back, shoulders, and abs.

Repeat the entire sequence.

22H00 – Relax

Lie on the floor on your right side with your right arm bent underneath. your head.

Bend both legs so you’re comfortable.

Imagine that you’re lying on a big clock.

Extend your left arm in front of you on the floor as if it’s a clock hand pointing to 9 o’clock.

Slowly rotate your arm towards 12 o’clock. As you hit 1 o’clock, you’ll start to roll back, but keep your hips and legs where they are.

Keeping your arm on the floor rotate it through all the numbers on the clock over your hips, and back to the starting position. Your palm will flip up momentarily behind you. You will feel it in your shoulders and upper back, then chest and middle back, and finally hips and lower back.

Remember to do the other side too.

And there you have it. Get into the habit of doing these stretches throughout the day and you have the secret to how to feel great all day every day.

Please comment below if you have any other great exercises that will help you to feel great throughout the day.


  1. How to feel great every day all day is a very beneficial article for us all, I found your post very informational and I am happy I found your website while searching for information today.

    I have read yoga is good for people of all ages, so would you be able to recommend the best type of yoga for someone over 60 years old?

    I am going to share this with my family and my friends, and thank you again for taking the time to write this for readers like myself

    Take care


    1. Hi Jeff,

      I am not an expert in all the different types of Yoga, but I know there is a high-impact fast-paced yoga method, which I would avoid if I was over 50. Rather go for the slow stretching and relaxation type classes.

  2. Thank you for the nice vibe you transmit in your post. Yeah, I have been guilty of that afternoon slump. And it’s so easy to improve following what you suggest here. I haven’t tried these things but I sure will, starting from tomorrow and onward. When we’re energized, all our activities flow.

    1. Good luck getting into the routine. The most challenging is getting into a new routine and remembering to do the exercises at certain times, but once used to it it becomes second nature.

  3. Thanks for sharing your insights into how to feel great every day with a set of simple exercises that can be performed almost anywhere. I’ll need to set a timer or two to make this part of my daily routine, but hopefully, the benefits will be well worth it! Seems like they would start to help immediately, so I’m looking forward to getting started right away!

    1. Setting a timer is a brilliant idea Aly, otherwise one tends to forget about it as the day gets busy.

  4. Hi Michel, thank you. I really really love the topic. Your article is exactly of my type as I’m in the same niche and you can check me here fitnessemporiumglobe dot com if you like. I really really love to take this advice for my body. As far I can see you are too. You have made this so easy to understand.

    If you don’t mind can I just suggest adding a subtitle with the pictures of the posture so I understand which exercise is depicted? 

    Many many blessings to you&family;

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