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Eat These Top Anti Cancer Foods To Protect Yourself

Cancer research has revealed 5 top anti cancer foods that can protect against this deadly disease.

Unfortunately, if death doesn’t come from any other causes, it will eventually come in the form of cancer.

We need to ward off this terrible disease for as long as we can, hence this list of top anti cancer foods, according to scientific research at the moment.

Five Top Anti Cancer Foods

Dark green leafy vegetables

Cancer researchers suggest that dark green leafy vegetables may inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the breasts, lungs, skin and stomach.

A study from Georgetown University Medical Center in the United States found that kale, in particular, may reduce the common side effects of breast cancer treatment. anti cancer food

Although we all know there are many benefits to eating dark green leafy veggies.


Apples are an excellent source of dietary fibre and vitamin C.

A number of studies have tied fibre to a reduced risk of colon cancer.

What’s more, apples are chockfull of phytochemicals, which are naturally occurring compounds that fight cancer.


Legumes provide a healthy dose of fibre and contain other cancer-fighting compounds.

However, beans aren’t a complete source of protein, meaning they don’t contain all the amino acids your body needs. For the perfect meatless protein meal, pair beans with quinoa.


Cherries are another of those top anti cancer foods packed with dietary fibre.

Cherries are also rich in anthocyanins which are compounds that cancer research suggests inhibits the growth of cancer cells while sparing healthy anti cancer foods


Walnuts are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid and fibre.

Animal studies have suggested that these brain-shaped nuts fight cancer.

New Orleans researchers recently reported that the brain-shaped nuts may change the makeup of bacteria in the gut that can slow down tumour growth.

So feel free to eat as much as these top anti cancer foods as you like.

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Here’s to Your Health!

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