benefits of turning 50

The Benefits Of Turning 50

Some people dread turning 50, but rather than look at it in a negative way, let’s look at the plus side – the benefits of turning 50. After all, age is just a number and we know the secrets of the fountain of youth.

Too many people see 50 as a negative crossroads in life, a point where everything starts to break down. We need to push past that kind of thinking, we know better than our 25-year-old selves. So, what does turning 50 actually mean?

The Benefits Of Turning 50

According to WebMD when we reach 50, we usually have more brain function than we did at the age of 25. This is a huge plus. We may not quite have the body we had back then, but we are certainly smart enough to know that’s not what really matters. (

the benefits of turning 50

You Know More

We all know that wisdom and knowledge come from life experience.

Once we reach 50, we should have a pretty good idea about who we are and what we want from life.

In our younger days, we are often so obsessed with getting attention and having fun that we end up making mistakes. When we have seen a bit of life we get better at priorities and understanding that we don’t have to impress others all the time.

Embrace the fact that you have experience under your belt and that others may value the wisdom you can impart.

A New Family Phase Beginning

Those who may have spent the last twenty to thirty years raising a family finally get to enjoy the fruits of their labors. You can watch your children thrive and see the wonderful people they have become. Your children may even be having children of their own giving you the chance to play with the grandkids.

The hard work of raising a family is done and you can finally sit back and focus on yourself and your partner. Empty nests can sometimes feel daunting, but you must remember that there are plenty of things left to do in the world, places to see, and adventures to be had.

You Can Appreciate Life More

They say, “Youth is wasted on the young” and you know, there is certainly something to that. When we’re younger we fail to truly appreciate all the good things in life. So much is taken for granted and everything feels like a major drama. As we get older our outlook changes drastically and this can be a good thing.

When we have faced disappointments enough, we soon learn that they are seldom the end of the world. In our fifties, we know that sometimes things do not go our way and that’s okay.

We also have a better appreciation for what we have because we know that things can be far worse. This means that we have a more relaxed attitude towards things and that’s a very good thing.

You Can Take Life Less Seriously

The ego of youth has passed by and we can finally settle down into our lives. We no longer have to impress people with stunning fashion sense and the perfect body. When we let go of a need to turn heads, we get to have fun with life.

This does not mean we turn into slobs who do not care how we look but we do get to be goofier. We can stop taking things so seriously and look for the things in life that really spark joy.

AARP, Baby!

You sat around and waited to get old enough to drive, drink or do many other things but since your early 20s, there hasn’t been a cool beneficial milestone. That is until you hit 50 and became eligible to join the AARP. You have lived long enough to get a membership that offers you loads of cool savings and chances for adventure.

Make Your Own Benefits Of Turning 50 List

Here are a few examples to get you going. Once you have thought of all the great things that can happen for you when you turn 50, you will feel so much better.

  • You’re less fearful.
  • You’re not afraid to have opinions.
  • You know yourself.
  • It’s easier to laugh at yourself.
  • It’s easier to laugh at others.
  • You stop caring what other people think.
  • You stop sweating the small stuff.
  • You are more at peace.
  • You’re less critical of appearance.
  • You know that exercise and nutrition are the best medicine.
  • More time to take on some new hobbies.
  • …….

There are many more that you can think of I am sure.

I know some may be rolling their eyes and think that is a sad thing but come on, we’re old enough to stop taking life so seriously.

Life doesn’t begin at 50 but it can certainly only get better from there!

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