finding out what makes you happy

Finding Out What Makes You Happy

“Rediscover the little things in life that make you happy, add a new little thing each day, and be prepared to shine.”

If you are on a quest to finding out what makes you happy it is not very difficult.

Life is full of little wonders that can make you happy. It could be the sound of a baby’s laughter, a good book, the comforting smell of a favorite old sweatshirt, and the warmth from a cup of hot tea that are simple pleasures that can easily put smiles on our faces.

These “little things” are easily accessible to us and can be great sources of happiness. A key to finding them is taking the time to put those rose-colored glasses from childhood back on so you can easily access the joy in all the “little things” life has to offer.

finding out what makes you happy

Finding Out What Makes You Happy

It is normally the simple stuff that makes you happy.

Finding a puppy rummaging through the laundry basket, trying on that perfect shade of lipstick, or discovering the extra change you left in your back pocket can turn into moments of delight.

Like kids digging in the sandbox for buried trinkets, we may even begin to experience happiness when we engage in the seemingly mundane. Figuring out a software program can feel like deciphering a treasure map, and that first sip of tea in the morning can taste like a forbidden delicacy.

Swaying to music playing on the radio can turn into an interpretive jig, riding a bike can seem like flying to the moon, and getting a phone call from that special someone can feel like winning the lottery. A pickup game of basketball becomes an exciting match among champions, and observing an elderly couple walking hand in hand can turn into a meditation on peace and contentment.

When we begin rediscovering that the little things in life can make us happy, we naturally want to share this joy with others.

We may gush over a friend when we run into them unexpectedly, praise a street musician for their talents, or blow bubbles for the neighborhood kids to chase.

We may even start to think of the little things we can do to make other people happy, which in turn makes us happy all over again. There is an endless supply of little things and little moments that can make us happy. All we have to do is look for them, and they’ll magically start to appear.

So what makes you happy. Please let me know in the comments below…..


  1. Reading this post triggers a lot of happy memories. As I read, I can recall these little happy moments In my mind such as seeing my daughter smile, picturing my dog as a puppy, my grandparent’s holding hands, or my first date with my wife and I can’t help but smile. Do you have any techniques or advice for rediscovering or recalling more happy memories?

  2. Thank you very much for this valuable and detailed post about Finding Out What Makes You Happy. This is really a valuable post. I actually agree. We should enjoy every moment we spend. I am happy with my dogs most of the time. It is really a great freedom for the mind. Keep posting like this.

  3. Wow, this post is deep! What does make me happy? A lot of things, I suppose…Writing and doing what I like makes me happy. Playing with my nephew, walking in nature, and shopping for a new make up palette at Sephora. All of these things make me happy. But to be happy in the long run, I believe that doing what you like and living on your own terms really make you happy.

    1. Well said.  Finding your true self as everybody enjoys different things in life but most things are right there for the taking. 

  4. It’s eerie that I was literally just having this conversation with someone last night. This is definitely good information. It seems most people nowadays don’t know how to be happy or they expect another person to make them happy. There is more to life than chasing money and material things, people need to take the time to be happy. Thank you for this post! Touched my heart.

  5. This post can prove very valuable to those who have forgotten how to find joy in little things. Happiness is not usually made from big astonishing happenings, but from the everyday course of life and the small delights that we find in our day. It is important to be aware of these things, and to express gratitude for all the ways we have to find happiness. Little joys can lead to big ones.

  6. I really like your approach to the subject :  between motivational and self-help…  What a wealth of information and inspiration!  Age is a problem in our culture today, even though none of us will escape it…  Some cultures appreciate the qualities that (should) go with aging…  Ours doesn’t.  Of course we have to work a little harder at staying healthy (you give great advice for diet and mindset!), and the same for resisting prejudices about age.  I found an affirmation here that I’m going to adopt :  “You can be timeless, just forget your age, and follow the sun”.  Thank you for presenting such useful counseling and facts on this sensitive subject…

    1. Love that affirmation Guenady and if more people could change their mindsets on this subject they would be a lot happier in life as they would accept change which is inevitable. 

  7. Well, reading this post bettered my mood, so that’s one thing that makes me happy.

    I live by the sea, so feeling the wind and salt on my face makes me happy, catching up with an old friend. I am epicurean, so good wine, good food makes me happy!

    Travelling makes me happy, especially alone. You feel so peaceful and every moment is yours, so that is a great feeling.

    Fitting in those old jeans makes me happy. Working out helps too

    1. Thanks for stopping by Diane. You definitely have the right idea when it comes to pursuing happiness. I would also like to try a holiday alone. Just think, you get to do just what you want to do and not have to follow the crowd.

  8. Thanks for this wonderful article on happiness. The little things in life are so precious and so often taken for granted and overlooked. Each moment is an opportunity to feel good and be happy. Time progresses at a steady rate regardless of our decisions, so we might as well choose happiness. It really is only a decision away. We just need to think like a child and we will remember all those little things that once made us so joyful and happy. All the Best!

  9. To find out what makes you happy I think one needs to first understand yourself. One way to be happy is by first placing yourself as a priority before anything else. Learn to direct your happiness on your mental health. I think knowing this would go a long way in having a happy life.

    1. Hi Philebur, I agree, your mental health plays a huge role in how happy you can be, so looking after it and paying attention to it is really important.

  10. I find that it is important to pinpoint the little things that make you happy and be grateful for them as well. Especially in the moment. I feel that better things happen for someone in their own life when they can appreciate those little things. I enjoyed that you didn’t mention finding just one particular thing that you need to find to drive your happiness but that happiness can be found all around you. 

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